Friday, November 6, 2009

NaNoWriMo Update

A few days ago I blogged about my joining National Novel Writing Month. At that time, I had about 1290 words. Today, I am happy to report that I am now at 8,345! Woo hoo! Only 41,655 more to go!

I also discovered that the winners (which is basically anyone who actually accomplished the 50k word count) can get their finished manuscript bound in book cool is that? Although I think I might want to do some editing before I do that, because it's pretty bad what I've written so far. Not to detract from my writing skills, but every first draft is crap. I don't care who you are, they are all in need of editing after completion. In fact, some of them still need editing once they make it to publication, but that's another story altogether!

Write on, friends!

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