Friday, July 3, 2009

Notice Anything?

Anyone who knows my husband well knows of his love for Arthurian legends. He got an Amazon gift card from his grandparents for his birthday and decided to spend it on some books and DVDs he's been wanting. He finally received the book yesterday, having received the DVDs last week. As you can see from the picture the publisher, Overlook Press, just happened to overlook something:

Yep, that is education and attention to detail at it's best!

And speaking of noticing anything, I have changed the blog layout again. I really really really like this one a lot, so it will be staying for awhile. I have my friend Anna to thank for it! She uses a background from the same website and I am so pumped about the goodies I found there. I hope you like it too! Someday I will finally Photoshop Elements for my Mac and actually do some really cool stuff, but until then, you can just appreciate my awesome Word/PowerPoint/iPhoto skills.


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