Friday, November 20, 2009

Patio Playset

One of the nice things about having kids relatively close in age to your best friends is the money saved by lending and sharing gently used baby and toddler items among them.  90% of Billa's clothing are hand me downs from Madeleine (and 75% of those were hand me downs from her cousin Katherine), and we've inherited toys, baby equipment and more that's been shared between all of our kids.   One of those items in particular is our "new" patio playset!  The Marino kids got a new swing set from their grandparents and the recycling began again.  Billa loves her new playset...she climbs up the slide and back down the ladder and vice versa.  She swings herself and pushes the swing.  All in all, she has a very grand time on it:


Many thanks to Aunt Kellie and Uncle Anthony and our cousins!

The Guerra's

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