Thursday, November 19, 2009

NaNoWriMo Word Count Update #5

Ok, so I was a bit of a bad girl and didn't write for almost a week...I'm catching up though and I am now at 22,909 words total so far!

Our numbers:

22,909 total written
27,091 total remaining
2,091 words to make up to meet Week 2's goal
14,591 to write to meet Week 3's goal!

Oy...gotta get crackin'!  Things are coming along swimmingly.  And I promised I was going to let you in on what it was about...are you ready?  Promise me you won't laugh?  Or at least laugh to my face, ok?

Ok, here goes... my story is about a mom frustrated with her life who gets turned into a vampire and how she deals with it.

Yeah, kinda corny, I know, but the point of this exercise is to write a freaking novel people!  I'm just running with what I got, and right now, that's what I got.   So there you go.  Now don't go stealing my idea peeps!  It's mine!  My own, my precious...

Happy writing,

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