About Lapiz de La Guerra

Literally translated, Lapiz de la Guerra means "pencil of war." 

I chose this name for two reasons: I'm an aspiring writer and my last name is Guerra, which means "war" in Spanish.  Given my husband's Mexican heritage (don't be fooled; the men in his family have a thing for pretty little Irish lasses like myself), it was a natural choice.  We don't speak Spanish fluently, but we sure do speak a lot of Tex Mex!  It also seemed eerily fitting for someone who is trying to survive parenthood to a very vivacious and precocious child.   Don't get me wrong; we love our daughter with a fierceness we never though possible, but there are some days that have us waving the white flag and begging for mercy.  Being a parent ain't easy, especially when you wear your heart outside your body, as my daughter's godmother once told me.

The blog was started in April 2008 just after Sybilla was born so that we could share news, stories, and pictures with family members.  Since then, it's become a place for me to write and share my thoughts on parenting and the world.  It also helped me discover one of my truest passions in life: food!  In addition to my love of writing, I am also an aspiring baker and the companion blog to Lapiz de la Guerra is for all things devoted to baking.

I live by the motto, "If you don't change, you don't grow, and if you don't grow, you're not really living."  That couldn't have been more true when Sybilla made her appearance in February 2008 and made us the little family that we are.  Together, my husband Michael and I face the challenges of parenthood.  We have grown so much since Sybilla joined us and we continue to cherish each day we have.  Life ain't easy, but hey, you get out of it what you put in!

Join us in this journey and feel free to share your thoughts.  We always welcome comments and questions and would love to hear from you.

The Guerra Clan


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