Saturday, November 28, 2009

NaNoWriMo Word Count Update #10

Only 11,906 words to go and three days left!  I just submitted some more words to my word count on and my grand total is now 38,096!!!!  While that is exciting, I am very bummed that I was not able to do more writing since Wednesday evening.  I've only written 2,924 words since then, which is a lot, but time's a ticking.  I'm really hoping that whatever is ailing me won't prevent me from finishing the novel by midnight on Monday.  On our way home from College Station Thursday I felt my throat getting really sore and by 10 pm that night, I was passed out and in pain.  All of us are sick here in the Guerra household and it would appear that the culprit is some sort of sinus infection thing.  

Sybilla's had a runny nose since Monday and it's now coupled with a terrible cough (from all of that drainage) and poor Michael has been ill since Tuesday.  The only good to come of this was that last night we were able to put Billa to bed WITHOUT A PACIFIER.  Her nose is so stopped up that having one has made it hard for her to breathe.  She'll suck suck suck and then spit it out gasping and pop it back in again.  We're hoping that maybe we can use this to start kicking the Bubba once and for all, but we're not pushing too hard as we've been way too lax in letting her have it whenever she wants now that both of us are sick.  [sigh]  Sybilla and I went to Target this morning to restock the medicine cabinet, so hopefully we will all feel right as rain before Monday.  I can't afford to take any more time off!

I am going to continue doing some writing this evening and into tomorrow and try to finish up by Monday night.  12,000 words are all that stands between me and NaNoWriMo glory and I intend on getting that dang purple banner whether it kills me or not!

Happy writing,

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