Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NaNoWriMo Word Count Update #9

I am headed to bed, but before I go... my official word count is now at 35,172!  Only 14,828 left.  If I were to split it out evenly amongst the remaining days of the month, that would come out to 2965.5 words per day (which is pretty much the same daily word goal as last time.  Dang it!).  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.  I was surprised to actually get some time to write tonight, which is good, because it most likely won't happen tomorrow what with traveling, eating, napping, more eating, and more traveling.

My spark returned this evening as I listened to my favorite writing song, Owl City's Fireflies.  Michael hates this song because they play it on the radio all the time.  The funny thing is, I still have yet to hear it on the radio and I've been listening to this song since it was featured as the free song of the week on iTunes!  The lyrics are so silly, but the music is hopeful and just happens to hit a certain creative brain wave for me, so I loop it on repeat and turn the volume down low while I write or create and let the magic happen.  And it has happened my friends.  I have a whole new aspect of my novel that I added in tonight that should carry me to 50k and beyond!

I am so excited and so saddened by the fact that I do not own a laptop so that I can continue to write while on the road tomorrow.  [sigh]  Seriously...if I could have anything more than a KitchenAid stand mixer of my very own (in robin's egg blue, natch) it would be my very own laptop.  I know, it's sad.  We don't actually own one and never have!  I will digress slightly and mention that we were looking at netbooks, but that got sidelined when we realized that they would end up costing more than we anticipated and the whole issue with Michael's care being a broken POS right now.  Ah well, such is life.  I'm just thankful we have our trusty Mac...and a deadline that supersedes Michael's Google searches of whatever is floating in his head at the moment, ha!

Anyhoo, I am wiped out and we have an early morning (why did I agree to make breakfast and coffee?  Why!?) and a long car drive to College Station.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving and Hook 'Em Horns!

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