Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Ah, Mother’s Day.  That day when mothers everywhere are honored for their uncanny ability to raise small humans, and get to sleep in late, eat breakfast in bed, and proceed to be pampered throughout the day.
Maybe in some other universe.

For me, Mother’s Day consisted of a 5 am wake up call when the five year old decided it was snuggle time.  An hour later, and unable to contain her excitement from snuggling, she was promptly presented with a choice: go back to bed or go watch cartoons.  She chose the latter, natch. 

Ten minutes later, she appeared by my bedside and whispered, “Happy Mudder’s Day, mommy.  I love you.”  This required a kiss and a hug and a sleepy ‘I love you, too.’

Ten minutes after that, she appeared again.  “Happy Mudder’s Day, mommy.  Here’s your card!”  That required me opening said card, oohin and aahing over it, before she departed again with a kiss.

Ten minutes after that: “Happy Mudder’s Day, mommy! Let me know if you need anything!” (I’m good, kiddo!  I promise!)

Ten minutes after that: “Happy Mudder’s Day, mommy!  Here’s a glass of water!”  (I didn’t need it, but thanks anyway!)

Ten minutes after that: “Happy Mudder’s Day, mommy!  I did some mother cleaning!” (WTF is that!?)

Ten minutes after that: “Happy Mudder’s Day, mommy!  Breakfast is ready!  Are you hungry?” (Hungry for some peace and quiet…)

Seriously, Every. Ten. Minutes.  Why can’t the kid be this alert on a school day?!

Eventually, I had no choice left but to crawl out of bed at 8 am and make my way downstairs where my husband had whipped up eggs and bacon and had a cup of coffee waiting for me.  I love that man.

I happened to notice that there was lunchmeat, cheese, and an applesauce on the counter.  After asking my hubby about it, he informed me that when he came downstairs earlier, our daughter was on her hands and knees on the counter, wiping diligently with a cleaning cloth.  She then attempted to use the broom to sweep the kitchen, and then pulled out the lunch fixin’s to make Daddy a lunch for the next day (that explains the "mother cleaning", lol!).

To mommies everywhere, whether you birthed or adopted, your children are big or small, and especially to all the mothers still waiting on that child in their heart to come home, may you have a blessed and beautiful Mother’s Day!  Motherhood, huzzah!



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