Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"It's quiet...TOO quiet!"

This evening Michael and I were doing our own thing, me blogtrolling, him washing dishes and chatting back and forth about various random items.  

Suddenly, Michael exclaims, "Oh shit!"
"What?" I ask alarm filling my voice and all sorts of things running through my head.
He points behind me at the dining table.  I look and there is our daughter, quiet as a mouse.
Hmm, nothing wrong with that, I start to think.  Oh wait!  Yes there is...why is she so quiet?

Here's why:

You should definitely try this flavor too...it's really yummy!

Yep, we inadvertently left our dessert from last night on the table and Sybilla thought she would help herself.  Oops!  The bar was originally about the same size as the one on the left, about six squares.  Now it's reduced to two and a little bit.  Ok, now two, since I helped myself to the little bit :o)

Kelly & the Gang

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