Recipe thuRsday

I love food!

My parents would have never guessed that, considering what a picky eater I was as a child, but better later than never!  There are still things I refuse to eat (eggplant and jello come to mind), but my palate has expanded over the years and my general philosphy is don't knock 'til you've tried it! 

Sadly, some things you will not find in my recipes, mustard being one of those ingredients.  I am horribly allergic to it and therefore do not cook with it.  Sure, my husband gets his requisite squeeze bottle for his sammiches, but beyond that, cuisine de la familia Guerra does not possess mustard!  I also try to use fresh ingredients and as few preservatives as possible.  I can't afford to eat organic all the time, although I'd love to, but I try to get as close to nature as I can get. 

Recipe thuRsdays started out as a way for me to share my favorite recipes.  Back in college, I was a much more organized gal and my calendar was abbreviated for each day of the week by it's first letter.  Tuesday and Thursday had to fight to the death over the letter T since I was a freak and couldn't handle my perfect little system being off kilter over one set of double letters.  Tuesday won and Thursday got stuck with R.  But it had the last laugh, because it got all the delicious glory!

It's been awhile since I've done Recipe thuRsday, but I hope to start it up again and feature some new things I've tried.   You can click here to skim through all the past Recipe thuRsday posts!

May your stomach always be fat and sassy!


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