Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Billa Babble: Bird, Pig, This, Cereal, Mine, & I STUCK MAMA!

This is an animal filled edition of Billa Babble!

BIRD: The Friday before Halloween, daycare had to close unexpectedly which meant Billa had to stay home. Michael usually has Fridays off so it became a Daddy-Daughter Day! Michael took BK up to Cowboy Harley to visit with his co-workers and while there, a customer came in with a parrot on their shoulder. Billa was so excited about petting and playing with "Ba burr!" (translation: the bird). She's going to be very excited when we next visit Gramma Bobbe's house and see Taco, her green parrot!

PIG: On Saturday, I took Billa to make our weekly Target trip and we had to grab some items from the baby aisles. While I'm in that section, I like to peruse all the cute baby items and look at stuff. We passed by the kiddie harnesses which are little animal shaped backpacks that have a leash so you can keep your kid close to you (I am really thinking about getting one of these; one of our friends had one for her son and it was great!). There was a monkey, a brown puppy, and a pink puppy. Billa saw the pink puppy and cried out "Pih! Pih!" She thought it was a pig! I corrected her and then let her look at it, but she opted for the brown puppy instead. Honestly, I was surprised she even knew the word pig, but maybe I shouldn't be considering she has a puzzle with a pig piece that we've pointed out before.

THIS: Billa has successfully mastered "that" and now she has mastered "this"–she was so excited about something that she stacked up and when I asked her what she had done, she pointed to it and said simply, "This!"  Huh.  That wasn't quite what I meant, but...that'll do pig (ha!). 

CEREAL: The other morning I was having some cereal for breakfast and Billa pointed at my bowl and clearly stated: "Sarl!"  Then she signed "more/please" and we enjoyed a yummy bowl of "sarl" together.

MINE: She's actually been saying this for some time, but we haven't reported it until now, mostly because it was sounding more like "Ma!"  It now sounds like a cross between a "ma" and "my" with a drawl. "Maaaai!" can typically be heard when we try to take her cup and refill it, or her blankie, or her George, or her bubba, or anything else she has decided is now hers.  Which is everything.  [sigh]  And more of my identity slips away...

And last but not least, a real sentence: "I STUCK, MAMA!"  This is uttered a LOT, usually when we make her sit someplace she doesn't want to be.  These places include her booster seat, our laps, or her car seat.  On these occasions, I will gently remind her that she is not using the word in it's correct sense, but still she persists.  "I STUCK, Mama!" And she says it in the most pitiful whiny voice too which makes it all the more hilarious.  Occasionally, she does actually use this sentence in the correct sense, like when her feet get all crisscrossed in a high chair (because she was squirming and trying to get out of it when she wasn't supposed to be).

Understanding Sybilla is getting a little bit easier, but her enunciation is still difficult at best and a lot of times she still grunts or points at what she wants which is really frustrating for us.  She understands a lot of what we're saying.  How can I tell?  Well, I am not exactly proud of this, but if she's misbehaving and I ask her if she wants a spanking, she tells me 'no' and stops the bad behaviour ASAP.  So we know she understands what we're saying, but because she's still learning words, it's difficult at best to have a conversation with her.   One of our other beefs is that she refuses to say please and thank you, instead choosing to sign "more" and wave 'bye bye' respectively.  [eye roll]  Really, I have no idea where this pigheadedness (ha again!) comes from.

So that's you edition of Billa Babble!

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