Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 Recap

As Cameron so succinctly put it, "Happy Halloween Day!" Below is a photo recap of our big night. We all met up at Casa del Marino and then went trick or treating in the neighborhood with them, their neighbors, and their neighbors' friends. The kids ranged in age from 2-5 with Billa being the youngest (ok, so she's really 20 months, but it's close enough to 2!) and they had a blast. Michael and I were the only adults to actually dress in costume–I was a black widow and Michael was a zombie hunter (he got off work late and there was no time for Tony Montana). We went around the block which took us about an hour; it didn't take Billa that long to figure out what was going on! Everyone loved her outfit and how cute she was. She didn't say a word (no Twick or Tweet this year)and opted instead for a 'bye bye' wave instead of saying thank you. Everyone loved it nonetheless, which made me feel a bit less guilty about her manners.

Since Billa was the youngest, Michael and I were the 'thank you'/safety patrol; we made sure each kid made it to the door in one piece and that they said thank you to each homeowner. Madeleine and Sidney were VERY proud of this whole process as they would continually announce to the group of parents: "Mommy! I said 'trick or treat' and 'thank you' and I got candy!!!" We did have several kid and candy spills, but we ended the night with a huge haul and no huge mishaps. Billa's bucket was so overflowing that Michael and I had to carry candy in our hands at the end. Her haul was somewhat depleted after a thorough inspection as we discarded anything that was open, a choking hazard, or just not palatable to Michael and I. Hey, we're gonna have to do most of the eating, might as well make it something we like!

Post inspection, the kids carved a pumpkin while the daddies sat by the firepit and smoked some cigars. We gave Billa a bath while we were there and borrowed some outgrown Halloween jammies for her before we all said our good nights and headed home. She didn't get to bed until ten which made for and ugly bedtime when we got home, but she slept in this morning, which was nice for us!

We hope you all had a safe and wonderful Halloween...enjoy the photo recap and a speedy sugar rush recovery!

Billa and Daddy are ready to go!

Madeleine, Cameron, and Sybilla in their Halloween get up...
no one could sit still or look at the same camera and smile at the same time!

The trick or treat pack of 2009: Jacob, Sydney, Blake, Madeleine, Cameron, and Sybilla

Bat Girl jams out to Thriller and the Ghostbusters theme!

Baby Hayden in his pumpkin bunting which was a little too big!

His lovely mama, Kellie, models the rest of it!

And we're off!

Trick or treat! Billa is still trying to figure out what all of the fuss is about.

Daddy takes a picture break with Billa in front of one house.
Hunting zombies is hard work!

Mama and Billa, such a pretty pair!

Mama's black widow costume...get it?

The back view...the red bow is meant to symbolize the red hourglass...
clever, yes? I thought so too!

Daddy makes sure it's a zombie free zone and that the kiddos don't forget to say thank you!

The take...AFTER candy inspection and removal of all candies that were not Billa appropriate...or to Mama and Daddy's liking ;o)

Pumpkin carving time!

Billa tries her hand at pumpkin carving

Batter up! Billa takes a break from pumpkin carving to go zombie killing!

Trick or treating is rough on daddies...a nice cigar and a sit by the fire pit are in order!

The finished pumpkin..he's a happy fella thanks to Madeleine!

Sybilla and Madeleine check out Cameron's Bumblebee action figure before bedtime...
check out BK's borrowed Halloween jammies!

Happy Halloween Day!
The Guerra Gang

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