Monday, July 28, 2008

Puppy Kisses Video

This is a really cute video that my mom took of the baby with Achilles. He doesn't really know what to do with the little critter that crawls around the floor all the time. Enjoy!

Scootin' Along

As I mentioned in the last post, the baby is movin' and groovin'! She has started to crawl, or rather, "worm" along the floor at record speeds. We've pretty much given up on the whole playmat thing as she doesn't stay on it for very long. There's just too much to see and do! So instead, we place a king size bedsheet on the floor, scatter toys, and just lay her down on one corner. My dad likes to joke that she has a magnetic compass in her brain like a bird since she's been moving in one direction only, which usually tends to be towards the kitchen since Mommy is usually in there these days. I watched her scoot backwards Saturday morning though, so our prediction for full on crawl has really good odds at this point. She's really starting to get the hang of moving along.

Sleeping has become quite a challenge here in the Guerra household. We were sleep training according to the Ferber method which was working for a little while, but now the baby wakes up about 2 or 3 times a night, which has been very frustrating for Michael and I. The weird thing is though that she falls asleep almost instantly when we lay her down at bedtime, but once she wakes up at 12 or 1 am, it's all downhill from there. We think she might be beginning to teethe which makes for very unpleasant sleeping conditions. We're hoping that this passes soon so that we can get more than two hours of sleep at a time. I miss the days of being able to sleep even just four hours at a time!

Day care search is still ongoing. It sounds like we might have found an inhome day care for the baby, but we won't know until next Monday when we interview her and see her house. I'm hoping and praying that she is the one we've been looking for since our options are very slim and running out!

Well, that's about it for now. We'll post more later. I've added a couple more pictures to the Picasa album and the video attached is of Sybilla scooting along. Please enjoy, and as always...

Until next time! Kelly & the Gang

Friday, July 18, 2008

Quick Updates Until Kelly Can Find Some Time to Post More Interesting Stuff

I've been a bad girl and fell off the "post something on the family blog at least once a week" wagon. It's been awhile since I've posted anything and I DO plan on posting some more pictures and videos soon, so in the meantime here is a brief update on how everything is going:

  1. Kelly has a new job! Yay! And it's wonderful. The hours are flexible, my supervisor and boss are awesome, the company is dedicated to true work/life balance, the pay and benefits are great, the work is just up my alley. It's hard to explain what I do, but in a nutshell, I am working for a market research company in the project management department and I am helping them with their financial records and some other stuff. They are going to evaluate my skills and it is possible that I will actually move into project management itself at some point, and the prospect of career development and advancement is really exciting!
  2. Sybilla has now progressed to sweet peas, green beans, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. She's still breastfeeding, but we've upped her solid intake to twice a day and she LOVES them. She especially likes to hold her spoon. We're still working on the sippy cup and will eventually move to other things in the next few weeks. We're trying to encourage a love of veggies first : )
  3. Now that Kelly and Michael are working full time, we're trying to find day care, which is an exhausting process. It's difficult because apparently, we should have put ourselves on ALL the waiting lists in town the minute we found out we were pregnant. Yes, it's that crazy. Right now, Little S stays with Aunt Kellie or Gigi (Michael's mom) during the day until school starts at which time, we have no idea what we'll do. Say a prayer or cross your fingers that we find a solution soon!
  4. Sybilla's newest nickname is Scooter as she has started to scoot her way across the floor. We're going to have to get a baby gate this weekend! She is quickly progressing to crawling and we are anticipating full crawl by the time she hits 6 months old.
  5. Sleep training has NOT been going well. Kellie has convinced me that all of the recent changes are causing the baby lots of stress, so Michael and I now have to come up with Plan B which may involve some temporary co-sleeping until we can get everything ironed out. [sigh]

So that's it! I'll load some pix and videos over the weekend for your perusal. Have a great weekend!

Kelly & the Gang


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