Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time Flies...

I apologize for the lack of Billa related posts this week, it's been very hectic for the last week and a half! I didn't have the energy to really post or edit or do anything, but I am taking a day off tomorrow and should have some things posted for your perusal. But in short, a summary of our past week and a half:

We celebrated our friend Cameron's 3rd birthday! His grandparents got him a cool swingset which we set up on Saturday. I made him a Bumblebee transformers cake (picture of which to be posted soon on BillaCakes) which he really loved. Billa had a great time and surprised all of us by figuring out how to climb UP the slide unassisted. She also got bitten by something in the yard which led into Tuesday...

...where we went to the doctor's office because the redness and swelling from the bite on Saturday had not gone away and not diminished in the least. We'd actually starting using Benadryl the day before but it didn't seem to be doing anything. Dr. Patil looked it over and said that it didn't appear to be scorpion related or showing signs of secondary infection which was very good. We upped the Benadryl intake, used some cortisone cream and so far, her hand is looking much better! Her allergies however are another story...

...yesterday Billa got home from daycare with a wicked runny nose. By the time we got home from Rib Night at the Marino's, her voice was getting scratchy and she was not happy. In fact, before we'd left the marino's, I asked her if she was ready to go bye bye. "Yesh!" was her plaintive wail. Poor kid. She didn't sleep well that night and by the time she arrived in bed with us at 6ish am, she and I didn't sleep beyond that. Hopefully she's not sick and it's just a reaction to the increased allergens in the air, but we'll see. Tomorrow is Pumpkin Patch Day at daycare and Michael and I are really looking forward to going with Sybilla and all of her friends there tomorrow. Although that means I have to finish her costume...yikes!

In other news I am officially now coordinating/planning/organizing part of my high school's ten year reunion! It's going to be very exciting, although it was near panic-inducing on Tuesday before our meeting. Coupled with Billa's visit to the doctor, everything going on at work, and trying to get everything done around the house, I was in a right state of craziness just prior to the conference call we had. Billa behaved herself though and the meeting went really well. I decided that I wanted to help out with the reunion because, well, let's face it--a lot has changed in the last 9-10 years and I'd like to think that there can be some good memories made from that era of my life! Not to mention, it would be really nice to meet up with folks from high school and make some new friends (or renew old friendships). I don't care that my life is vastly different from what I thought it would be (seriously, I thought I would have Oscars by now, lol) and if anyone thinks I'm lame for that; happiness is a choice to make and I'm happy with the ones I've made. I could spend my life wishing for something else, but it won't change where I am or who I am.

So anyway, with that said, time for me to log off and get some stuff done! Pictures and other things to come soon, I promise!

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