Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breaking News! Er...HOT News!

Got a fire? Need a cat rescued? Fallen and can't get up? Call my husband!

We have good news to share with all of you; Michael is now officially a volunteer firefighter for the Oak Hill Fire Department! We are very excited about this new development as anyone who knows my husband knows that he has been working for something like this for some time. Now he is on his way to doing it for a living!

Currently he is on probation (a probie vollie in firefighter slang) and will start fire school in February so long as he attends all of his firefighter meetings and serves 24 hours a month. But once he's finished his fire training, he can be hired on full time if there are positions available (either in Oak Hill or Austin or even somewhere else!). It may be a long way off, but Michael is very excited because essentially, this is like him finishing school and getting paid to do what he loves while doing it. Not that volunteer firefighters are paid...but his training will be, so long as he is in good standing with the FD. Me, I'm stoked because I can now say I'm married to a firefighter...firefighters are hot! (Pun fully intended)

Some people are actually surprised that I support this decision of Michael's, but we've both had lengthy discussions about this and feel that it is the right decision for our family. We acknowledge that firefighting is dangerous, but Michael and I have always believed that when you die you might as well be doing it with your boots on and for a good cause. Michael has always wanted to work in an industry in which he helps people and firefighters respond to all emergency calls no matter what they are. They are there to aid and assist and not pass judgment, which jives perfectly with his generous and loving heart. I think too, that the brotherhood offered by firefighting is going to be a hugely beneficial impact for my husband and our family. Plus, if the tales my former coworker Elizabeth told are true, Billa won't be able to get into too much trouble. Ok, and I'll admit, it's going to be so cool for her to tell all of her friends "My dad's a firefighter" and get rides on the firetruck! But overall, this is a good thing for our family on mnay different accounts.

So here's to a new chapter in our lives. Congrats honey and as always, we are so proud of you!

Kelly & Billa

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