Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!

The Guerra Gang would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween! This is our favorite holiday because costumers live in this household and this is the one day of the year we get to go hog wild! Admittedly, we aren't going as crazy as I would have liked, but given my energy levels, time constraints, and current finances, we did pretty good this year.

We plan on trick or treating with the Marino's like we did last year and visiting Daddy at work for the Harley Halloween Festival. Last year, we did a family theme and chose to be gypsies (or Romanian accountants as my parents cleverly called it), complete with our own organ grinding monkey. This year, Michael plans on being a zombie hunter at work and Tony Montana when we trick or treat. I'm going to be a 40's inspired glamourous Black Widow and Sybilla is a girly bat. Here is a preview of her costume from the daycare pumpkin patch excursion the other day:

Too fast for you, huh?

Here's a back view...and no the sweatshirt is not part of the outfit. Daycare felt it was a little chilly and put it on her.

This little bat needed to roost for a bit, hee hee (pun intended)

Can't wait to trick or treat!

We were supposed to go last Friday, but because of the rain, it was too muddy and had to be postponed. Darn. Another year missed for me, but at least Michael got to go. He said Billa had so much fun running around and climbing on the haybales and pumpkins and playing with all of the other kids that she didn't want to leave. In fact, she put her hand out and screamed "Noooo! Stay! Go back!" when everyone walked away. She could have played for hours!

I'll post pictures later this weekend of our trick or treating...I'm so excited and I know Billa is going to have a blast!

Happy Halloween and be safe!
The Guerra's

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