Sunday, October 25, 2009

Billa Babble: Stuck, Next & Boobie

Here's our latest installation of Billa Babble, coupled with some body exploration...

STUCK: Billa loves to play and discover just about anything she can get her hands on. This morning, she used her stool to get eye level with the counter to play with the cooling racks from my cake baking this weekend. She managed to slide it off the counter in such a way that the leg of it got caught between the counter and the stove. "Stuck!" she cried out. "Stuck!" She pouted until I finally helped her pull it out and then she was happy as a clam as in mud. Ah, to be that easily pleased...

Our second word is NEXT: We've been trying to get Billa to help us out some more with things around the house, mostly cleaning up after herself, but one thing she definitely loves is helping with the laundry. I will pass her every single piece of laundry and she puts it in the dryer for me. Tonight, she was helping me and every time she threw one in the dryer, she'd hold out her hand and announce "Neh." [throw laundry in] "Neh." [throw laundry in] "Neh." And yes, this continued through the entire load only occasionally punctuated by a "Baack!"

Our last word is BOOBIE. Billa has discovered body parts lately and the most fascinating one is breasts. This doesn't really bother me except when we're out in public and she whacks my boob and yells "Boo-beh!" and then giggles maniacally. Yeah. Awesome, eh? She will also raise her shirt and start rubbing her nipples with the curious look on her face and I am really torn about whether or not to stop her entirely. I don't have a problem with her exploring her body and learning about bodily functions, but it does kind of weird me out when we're in public and she starts doing it. She will also stare at my chest (hello, Mama's up here!) and then poke my boobs lightly, while asking "Boo-beh?" I'm hoping she gets bored with it soon, but each time she does it in public, I just try to ignore it or quietly tell her no.

So that's this week's installment of Billa Babble. She's making lots of noise and "talking" more, so hopefully we'll have more Billa Babble coming soon!

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