Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Things We Do...

I took the day off on Friday to go with the kids at daycare to the pumpkin patch, but due to the rain from the previous two days, it was too wet to go and it got cancelled. Bummer. Another year that Mama can't go! I cheered myself up by doing some crafty shopping. I was trying to find a Wiggles toy that would work for a cake I am making for my friend Courtney's son Conner's 2nd birthday and ended up going to Hobby Lobby after Toys R Us turned out to be a bust (for my cake idea anyway, but Billa totally scored a new ball and puzzle!). I spent two hours there and ran into an old college buddy while shopping and came home with some fun crafty stuff, one of which were the materials for these cute magnets I made (the ones with the black background):

Billa has been obsessed with the magnets on the fridge lately and I was inspired at the craft store to get supplies to make some cute ones for her to use on the fridge. The traditional letters you can buy are usually cheap in price AND quality and I wanted something a bit more elegant. These fit the bill nicely, if I do say so myself. To make them, all you need are some foam pieces (or other sturdy magnet worthy subject matter) and self adhesive magnet strips. I spent a whole $2.46 on these and I have leftover magnet strips to make more!

Basically, all you do is cut the magnet strip to size, remove the magnet backing, attach to magnet worthy subject matter and voila! There you have it! Customized, way cute, and kid friendly magnets for the curious child in you. And in case you're wondering, that is a bib that my cousin Katy sent to us when Billa was very small. It's magnetized so it can stick to the fridge and one side is pocketed which serves well as a receptacle for all of these wonderful magnets. (And in case you wanted to know, the one with the praying child actually reads "Thank you God for the nice face, but the fat a$$ has got to go!" Heh. I love snarky messages paired with vintage pictures!).

Now on to more crafty ideas and fun things to do!


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