Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

This is my favorite month of the year. Why, you ask? Oh lots of's fall, Halloween, our dating anniversary, the list goes on and on! I am giddy as a schoolgirl when October comes every year and while it's not my birthday month, it's probably the only other month in the year that comes close to being number one in my book. No scratch that; it IS numero uno!

Before we had a child, Michael and I would visit the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville every year, and it was October 2001 that we started officially dating for the long haul (we'd tried dating during our freshman year of college but it just didn't work out then). October is also the month of my matron of honors' birthday, and the month of Michael's best man's birthday (Happy early birthday Kellie and Zander!). And this month my parents will be celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary and my brother David will be celebrating his 25th birthday! And there are lots of little babies who are celebrating their birthdays this month too! Lots going on this month :o)

What is the most exciting however, is what happens at the end of this month: HALLOWEEN. I love Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and my birthday, but Halloween is my absolute, hands down, no question about it, favorite holiday. I guess it's the thespian in me that loves to dress up. But I love the trick or treating, the get togethers, and the silly spooky fun too! Last year was Sybilla's first Halloween and we went trick or treating with our good friends the Marino's. We plan on doing that again this year too! Michael still hasn't decided what he's going to be for Halloween just yet, but Billa and I have our costumes picked out. Or rather, I have them picked out. Billa hasn't figured out yet that she can choose what she can be for Halloween so I got to pick again this year and I chose the theme of BAT. I'm going to make her a black tutu and bat wings and then dress her in black leggings and black shirt and put some little ears on her head to make a fairy bat princess!

I've been waffling quite a bit but I think I finally narrowed it down. I'm going to do something spider themed, which is pretty ironic considering that I don't like spiders very much. truthfully though, since my encounter with the scorpion last year (insert link to that post) spiders suddenly went down to the almost bottom of my List of Creepy Crawly Things to Avoid in the Order of Dangerousness and Scariness. Almost. They're still pretty scary, but they don't weird me out as much as they used to. If it's a biggun I will run screaming as fast as my short chunky little legs will take me.

I'll be sure to post pictures of all the shenanigans of course, but in the mean time Happy October Everybody!

Rabbit rabbit!

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