Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Reunion of Mini Proportions

My dad's family is scattered all over the place, so when someone comes for a visit from afar, the Dillons come out of the woodworks as best they can! In this case, my cousin Patrick and his wife Jen were in town from DC for a Livestrong race they were participating in and Aunt Ann and Uncle Hugh from Albuquerque were also in town, visiting their daughter Erin in Houston. This was joined by my Aunt Becky's family and us, so all said, my grandmother had a full house!

Since all of my cousins are now adult age (with the exception of Jenny who was one of my aunt and uncle's foster kids that they ultimately adopted), a good many of us also have our own kids now so there were four generations in the house yesterday evening. We decided to take a picture with all of the babies. It took a few minutes to get that ruly bunch of babies to sit down:

This was about as good as it got...

...because things quickly deteriorated:

And then Mia and Sybilla decided to start climbing on their great grandmother's furniture:

We then enjoyed dinner and some pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. You can get the recipe here on my baking blog if you want to give it a try. It was muy delicioso! The UT game got put on and the menfolk sat down to watch, although Uncle Hugh whined that it wasn't much of a game. I have to agree; it's never fun to watch when the Horns score three touchdowns in the first quarter. I want to see a GAME when the Horns play, not a smearing.

Eventually Patrick and Jen finally showed and we decided to take a cousins picture. I'm really hoping that someone else got a better picture to send me, because the ones Michael took weren't that great. Not that it was the photographer's fault. First we were missing Patrick:

Then no one could look at the same camera:

And then Billa got in the way of Erin's head:

And this was as good as it got!

Ah, nothing like family...hope you had a great weekend too!


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