Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kellie!

Today is my best friend Kellie's birthday. Kellie and I met a little over eight years ago through the St. Edwards theatre dept. She was a transfer student a year ahead of me and prior to her arrival, I'd been the only Kelly in the department. I hated having to share my name with someone else (is that person yelling Kelly calling me or her?) and I didn't like her at first because she spelled her name funny. But she became friends with my roommate and subsequently we became inseperable. Professors called us K Squared or K2 or the Kelly's (or Kellie's ;o) and where there was one of us, the other was sure to follow. We were each other's right hand woman during our weddings and we've been through thick and thin.

To you, my dear friend, I raise my glass and say thank you! Hope your birthday was lovely!

The Guerra Gang

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