Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Recap: Fun with the Marinos!

It felt weird not to have a cake to make this weekend since my friend Beth picked up the cake she asked me to make her on Friday afternoon after work.  So Saturday I spent some time giving my baking blog a facelift and letting Billa get some additional rest, as you can see here.  She was watching UP for the fifteenth time this week (ok, really the fifth time, but it feels like we've seen it almost fifteen times!) and feel asleep while watching.  I love the little arms behind her head!



Typically Saturdays are spent running errands and doing shopping or delivering a cake, but since we'd  done most of that already during the week, the only trip we made was to Sprouts to pick up some specialized ingredients for a baking challenge I'm participating in this month.  I had planned on making cookies and it was good timing too, since we got an invite to hang out with the Marino family for hot wings Saturday evening.  Things got started with an impromptu dance party (I wish I had taken video, the kids were hilarious!  Billa especially was jumping around with her arms in the air, waving them back and forth) and we had a great time visiting, eating hot wings and trying my new cherry double chocolate chip cookie recipe that I had thrown together right before we left.



The Marinos invited us for more fun on Sunday for a dayhike to Pedernales Falls, just outside of Drpping Springs.  Michael and I have both camped and hiked there, but it had been YEARS since either one of us had gone so we were very excited to go.  Unfortunately, Billa was not as excited.  Our timing was all wrong and it was a little too much for a kid who had spent the majority of her week in bed, in her mama's arms, and sick.  She did enjoy herself, but we should have eaten lunch first.  She also didn't nap AT ALL, despite hanging out in the car with myself and Baby Hayden (who also didn't nap and probably should have).  She slept on the way home, but it was too little, too late at that point.

I'd post some pictures of our excursion, but both sets of camera batteries were dead.  Fortunately, Anthony had a spare point and shoot Canon with them that he let me borrow.  Unfortunately, our card reader is dead and our USB camera cable is incompatible, so I have to wait for him to get them to me!  But they probably deserve a post all of their own anyway :o)

Our weekend was capped off by a lovely visit from Michael's mom who dropped by for dinner.   She and I went to go get Chinese while Michael stayed home with a napping Billa.  We enjoyed dinner and I made the rest of my cookies.  She gave Billa a bath while Michael and I did some much belated house cleaning, which was a really nice break actually.  I don't mind doing housework, but if Billa isn't occupied, it can get really frustrating very fast!

All in all, despite our hiking setbacks and ridiculous amounts of TV viewing, I'd day it was a stellar weekend!  Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Adventurously yours,
Kelly et al

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