Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Madel(e)ine and Weekend Recap (with video!)

We celebrated two birthdays this weekend... Madeleine and Madeline.  Madeleine was turning 5, and Madeline was turning 1.  Confused yet?  It gets better.  Madeleine passed on clothes to Sybilla who passed on the clothes to Madeline.  And I've worked with both Madel(e)ines' mama's and been to both of their weddings.  Silly similarities aside, we had a great weekend!

Saturday we went to Madeleine's birthday party where we stuffed ourselves silly on hot wings, hot dogs, and fajitas.  Well, I did anyway.  Billa chowed down on 'shie's' (goldfish) and de-boned hot wing meat.  I made Madeleine's cake for her, which was supposed to be a Tinkerbell cake, but ended up being a really lovely fancy flower cake instead.  No worries, it worked out for the better I think!

The flower cake I made for Madeleine; it was swirled pink vanilla and chocolate inside.

Madeleine's birthday was actually Monday, but when you asked her at the party, she said, "It's today!"

Sybilla has discovered a love of frosting now!

After a nap and some more baking on my part, we drive up to Cedar Park to visit the other Madeline and bring her cupcakes for her birthday party.  Her party was a family only affair, so we stayed and played on Saturday evening while her mama, Caroline, and I caught up with each other.  Billa fell in LOVE with Caroline's cat Casper, who was VERY patient.  This cat is ginormous, by the way.  Anyone who thought Gumerry was big never met Casper.  He weighs in at 27 pounds (Gumerry topped the scale at 22) and is the size of a Smart car.  OK, maybe not that big, but he's still large!  While he was very patient, he did not like being picked up or pounded on by both girls, so he made himself scarce very quickly, which is not his norm from what I understand.  I hate to break it to you, Casp, but get used to it.  Your child pet is about to change!

I made cupcakes designed to look like the Hungry Little Caterpillar...I loved these, they were so colorful!

Billa and Madeline get some instructions on how to pet Casper (bless his heart!)

And here is Madeline enjoying her cake; her mama called to tell me that she would have kept on eating cake if she hadn't taken it away from her!

Today we enjoyed a lazy Sunday, the deinition of lazy meaning "let's clean house, do two loads of laundry, the grocery shopping, and then watch a couple of movies."  It was lazy more in the sense that we didn't really cook much (hot dogs for dinner and blueberry cake for breakfast) and there was no schedule.  We just went with the flow, as you can see.

Kickin' back while watching the Little Mermaid

Billa also enjoyed her dinner which she will tell you about here:

And there you have it. Until next time!

The Guerra's

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