Friday, January 1, 2010

One Word for the New Year

A few weeks ago I had a few minutes to myself at work in between meetings and I was suddenly reminded about how close we were coming to the end of the year. I decided to take the few minutes and pen down some of my resolutions with the plan that I would prep them later for automatic posting this morning.  But true to form, even the most well intentioned plans go awry!  One of my favorite blogs posed a different interpretation of the resolution – choose only one word to represent the theme for what you want to accomplish this year.  'One word?!'  I thought.  'But I've already written hundreds!'  I could have shoved Sarah's advice to the wayside and said 'Whatever!' but I like a good challenge.  Besides, I've already done half the work, right?  All I have to do is re-read them and decide what word fits best.  Done!

Not so fast, Kemosabe.  I started to notice a theme amongst my resolutions, a theme that was originally described as ME.  Choosing the word ME as my theme of the year seemed a bit, well, selfish.  But the reason I had chosen these resolutions was because I had felt that I've lost myself recently.  I've been feeling neglected and unhappy with myself and I knew that if I didn't do something about it, no good would come of it.  But I couldn't just say ME as a theme; there were other resolutions, ones that didn't  involve ME per se, things like stengthening relationships that have been neglected and spend more time together as a family, etc.  What word could be used to describe both of these aspects that I wanted to focus on?  'I'm doomed,' I thought.  'I've chosen to take on this challenge and I'll never be able to see it through! [Insert Equity scream here]'

And then Michael came up with the word.  We were driving out to Wimberly to visit with his aunt and Uncle and grandmother and he mentioned that we should choose one word for our resolutions.  Hold the wedding, what!?
"Have you been reading my favorite blog?" I asked him, shocked and delighted.
"No, I just thought it might be a good idea."  he shrugged.  I couldn't argue with that. 
"Well, what's your word then?" I asked, after explaining my excitement and the challenge issued by my favorite blogger.
"Simplicity." he answered. 
"Huh."  I grunted.  That was a good answer.  Definitely something we could work on.  But it just didn't jive with me.  "I don't know what to choose for me.  I had all these resolutions written out, and now...poof!  I can't think of one word to sum them up.  Except ME."  I explained glumly.
"What's wrong with ME?"
"Because it's selfish, that's why!  I can't make the theme of my year ME!"  He was quiet for a moment before speaking.
"I've got one for you."
"What?" I asked, curious.
"Yeah.  You DO need to focus on yourself, so any of those things you plan to do will be an investment in you."
I paused to mull it over.  It sounded good, definitely less selfish than ME.  And it fit perfectly with my other resolutions as well!
"That's perfect, hon!"  I smiled.  "Thanks."
"You're welcome."  He squeezed my hand.  "You're definitely worth investing in."
(Hands off ladies and gents–this one's mine!)

So...[drum roll] theme for 2010 is INVEST.  I plan on investing in myself and my future, in my financial standing, in my relationships, and in my hopes and dreams.  I plan on being healthy in mind, body and soul.  I plan on investing in the relationships I have and making new ones.   I plan on getting my finances in order and getting us to a more stable place.  And I plan on pursuing some dreams that have been gathering dust for a little while and exploring my creative boundaries.  I've got some big goals and a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm gonna do it, come hell or high water!

Happy New Year,

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