Friday, January 8, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...Christmas has left the building!

We won't spend much time talking about last night suffice it to say if I see one more newspaper headline that has the word TIDE in it, I may puke.  I really really really wish my Horns had won.  Oh well, at least we have great things to look forward to with Garrett Gilbert!

I worked from home today because I didn't want to deal with the crazy cold we're experiencing (33F as of writing this, but it was 27F most of the day) and because it was a slow day.  During some of the slower moments today, I started packing away the Christmas stuff.  We always leave Christmas up until January 6th for two reasons: 1) it's my mom's birthday and 2) technically the Christmas season ends on that day.  Yeah, bet you didn't know that.  The twelve days of Christmas actually start on Christmas Day and then run until January 6, which is the day the Magi found the baby Jesus and brought their gifts to him.  Michael had the day off so he helped me and we rearranged the living room too, while we were at it.

Here's the room before:
Ok, you really can't see too much, but I'm sitting in front of the couch and the tree was across from the fireplace. The TV is behind the tree in this picture and a chair normally sits where the lemon tree in the background is.

And after:
I only have four boxes and one shopping bag of Christmas decorations.   I think we may have to get a coffee table now with all that space!

I'm sad that Christmas is gone, but it's so much more special when you have to wait for it!  Now I just have to find a way to recreate the soft sparkly lighting that the Christmas tree lights made...I really liked that effect in the living room!

Happy Friday,

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