Saturday, January 2, 2010

Billa Babble: She's Not Saying Sh*t, I Swear!

We are in the midst of a serious word explosion right now, so trying to pinpoint certain words is really hard because it seems like Billa says a new one just about every 5 minutes she's awake!  Lately, she's really been into words that end in a -sh sound, which unfortunately makes everything coming out of her mouth sound a like a swear word.  I promise, I've really been trying to be better about my dirty little mouth, and so far, she's not parroted any of THOSE words.  But for a while I thought she was!

Sine we've been doing potty field trips, Billa has learned about toilet tissue.  I don't know why I started calling it tissue; I don't even refer to facial tissues by that name--they're Kleenex, no matter the brand.  Either way, somehow she now assosicates toilet paper with 'tissue' so every time she hands me a piece, I hear "Sheh? Sheh?" which sounds a lot like sh*t without the t.  Granted, the swear word would be appropriate in this situation in a crude sense, but we're trying to use family friendly terms for the process.

Michael got a gift card to Cabela's from his company Christmas party and he took Billa with him when he went.  Apparently her favorite thing there are the fish tanks (we now have a rainy day destination, yes!) and every time she sees a fish in a tank, she practically screams "Shi!  Shi!"  As in FISHIE.  Again, when she's uber excited, it sounds a lot like sh*t.

And finally this morning, when I changed her diaper, she found a dried up baby wipe (it was used to wipe her face before bed the night before.  I promise!) and she ran to the kitchen with it yelling "Sheh! Sheh!"  I had to explain to her the word was TRASH.  Now she says "Trishhhh."  At least we're getting somewhere!

That's this week's installment of Billa Babble...tune in next time for more!


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