Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today's Color is...YELLOW

When I was a kid, I was teased mercilessly for my name, my red hair, or my farm kid lifestyle. I was a very sensitive soul and very gullible (really, look it up in the dictionary. My name is first!) so I was an easy target for everyone. One of the names that I was called was "Yellow-bellied Kelly the Pirate." Thinking back on it now, I am mystified as to why I found that so offensive, especially considering that the kid who consistently used it against me was had no idea what "yellow-bellied" meant other than that it rhymed with Kelly and got a rise out of me every time.

Having a pirate-y name is not all that bad, although being yellow bellied might. I'd like to think that if I really were such a pirate, it would probably be because I ate this:

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Yeah, that was my daughter's dinner last night. And no, it was not intentional that everything about her dinner was yellow. That is the only plate with little compartments and it happens to be yellow. Mac and cheese and nuggets happen to be the staple "lazy dinner" in our home, meaning that it was on hand and didn't require a lot of effort to fix it. And every mother tries to make sure their child is getting some semblance of vegetable (although there really isn't a whole lot of nutritional value to corn, but that's another post).

It wasn't until I was about to serve it that I realized my monochromatic meal making misdemeanor, so I felt it worthy of a picture.

And an entire blog post.

You're welcome.

Nighty night,

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