Friday, September 25, 2009

Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought her back...if there is one thing my child does not lack it is curiosity! Last night she was fit to burst she was so full of curiosity, so I just let her run around and get into everything that she wanted to. Within safe boundaries of course! One of the things she found was an old pair of my eyeglasses. They're meant to be my backup glasses but my prescription has gotten so terrible over the last two years that they're really a moot point now. I really need to either have them retrofitted with new lenses or donate them, but I'll make that decision when I go for my yearly eye check soon. In the meantime however, they're so weak that Billa had a great time running around with them on. I was working a facelift for the family blog and she kept coming over to me every few minutes to have them put BACK on her face. Too funny. Even funnier though is that she actually put them away when she was done. No exaggeration! Here are some pictures of our studious one:

Happy Friday,

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