Friday, September 11, 2009


It's hard to believe it was eight years ago the twin towers fell. I can still see the images from the TV and magazines clearly in my head and I hope that we never have to experience something like that ever again. While the shock from that event has been replaced by shock at other events more current, the memory of the pain and fear has not. I recently read a book that mentioned an emerging medical technology in which people might be able to have painful memories erased. I think that technology certainly has it's place, but I don't think this is a memory Americans should ever forget. Painful as they may be, these memories are what shape us and our future. I hope that the 2,998 souls who were lost that fateful day have found peace on the other side. May your legacy be bright and positive.

To all those who freely give their lives to serve our country as fire fighters, police officers, soldiers, thank you.

Gone but not forgotten...

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