Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Po Po Popo Face has got to go...

Popo, Paci, Bubba, Mimi, has so many names and right now, it is the bane of my existence. We are now officially on Day 2 of Restricted Bubba use and I gotta tell you, I am gonna toot my own horn here! At Sybilla's 12 month checkup I had sworn that I wasn't going to buy anymore pacis, but seven months later, the old ones were looking pretty nasty, so I bought one last package. I even said as much to Sybilla. But I knew deep inside that I shouldn't have bought them. Not because I couldn't afford them, but because the Bubba habit had gotten out of hand.

Sybilla had actually been doing really well for a bit using only when she was in the car or going to bed/nap. But as time went on and she started teething molars and gaining an independent streak, we got lazy and started letting her have it whenever she wanted. And it probably would have been fine except that all of the Billa Babble that she had learned was now getting muffled or thrown to the wayside altogether. We've gotten tired of hearing her shriek, grunt, grumble, and whine from behind the pacifier and getting her to tell us what she wants now could be considered an Olympic sport. Her sign for "please" is actually "more" and no matter how much we bribe, cajole, plead, beg, order, yell, etc, she won't actually say the damned word. GRRRRR!

The camel's back broke yesterday and in a fit of massive irritation, I took it from her. She was not pleased with me and let me have the full brunt of her displeasure. I ignored it and blogged instead, although it was really really really hard. She didn't get it back until bedtime and this morning, I endured seven minutes of crying and pleas for "Bub-ba!" in the car on our way to school. Thank God it wasn't a minute longer or I *might* have given in! It can be very disconcerting to drive in the rain with an unhappy child...

Daycare lady doesn't allow the kids to suck on their pacifiers at school while they're awake, but she lets them bring them in and use them during naptime if mom and dad are ok with it. I did not leave Bubba with Billa today, so there was no option to use it. I instead kept it in my purse, just in case, but as it was, Michael picked Sybilla up from school so again there was no option to use it. PHEW! She didn't get it at all when she got home and we did have a fit just before dinnertime where she begged us for it and then cried the biggest ol' crocodile tears you ever saw, but we held firm. As soon as we announced it was bedtime, she asked for it, and we gave it to her...once she was laying down in bed.

So at this point, we are very proud of ourselves for sticking to our guns and not giving in. We shall see what the future holds, but for now the battle has begun!


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