Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

Can you believe the weather we've been having?! Ah-MAZE-ing! It's rained now for several days straight, and while it provided a minor inconvenience, it was an answer to many prayers and most welcome here in Central Texas. We need a lot more rain to end the drought but the drenching we got this weekend was much appreciated. Thank you Upstairs for listening...please send more! The temps have also been so refreshing after three months of triple digit heat, it actually feels like fall is on it's way, which is my favorite season of all. I love the cooler temps, the sweaters, the shorter days, and the cuisine.

And speaking of fall cuisine, I busted out the springform pans to make some pumpkin cheesecakes this weekend. Michael's childhood best friend Sonia was in town visiting and she'd never met me or Billa. She requested pumpkin pie, but I'm never one to settle for ho-hum, hence the pumpkin cheesecake. We stopped by her mother's house Sunday afternoon for tea and cheesecake (such a lovely notion...I wish I had more tea time dates!) and Billa and the cheesecake were a hit. Here are some of the pictures from our lovely visit:

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Sybilla with Sonia and her Mom, Florencia

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Michael and Sonia, friends forever!

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Billa's shocked/scared face. I have to get a video of it, but it's hysterical because she trembles when she does it too!

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Playing in the very full pool at Zeti and Tata's...true waterbaby at heart!

We also visited with Michael's dad and stepmom a bit, and Kellie and Anthony as well. We were also supposed to visit our friend John and Julia for their football extravaganza, but Billa was not feeling well at all when we were supposed to go and an unhappy baby makes for an unhappy party. Oh, and my brother Philip also stopped by briefly on Saturday night to say hello and visit for a bit.

It was a lovely weekend visiting with friends and family and now that the weather is turning nicer, we will definitely be making more and more trips out on the weekend, perhaps maybe to the Renaissance Festival in October or to San Antonio for a visit to the zoo and botanical gardens (thanks Anna for the idea!). Fall is here, lovelies and we couldn't be more happy!

Love to you all,

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