Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What were you doing 7 years ago?

While searching for an email with a username and password to a website I haven't visited in awhile, I stumbled across this little gem. Seven years ago, I was sitting in an internet cafe in gay Paris, writing home to my friends and family and ruing the day I decided to travel with Lilliane. I had a great laugh over the note below and now I shall share it with you. Oh to be in Paris again...someday I'll get back there and show everything to my hubby and my daughter. Please don't mind the typos...the keyboards in Europe are VERY different!

A French keyboard...don't even get me started on what the German ones look like!

> well; everyone we made it to paris safe and sound and yet again these
> damn keyboards are all wonky: i can handle the y and the z
> ,is,atched but the a is where the q is; the z is where the w goes and
> the m now lives on the énd line: so again; if there are any typos;
> deal with it because i dont have time to figure this out. and the
> period is all weird too... anyhoo; we arrived yesterday morning from
> an overnight train from munich (which was very nice; wished i could
> have stayed longer) and had quite a time figuring out how to get from
> one station to our hostel; which was really an ok/nice hotel in a not
> so great neighborhood: so we spent our first day searching for new
> digs and found a great hostel that provides breakfast and free
> showers, not to mention only a couple of blocks away from the net
> cafe. so here i a, writing you all. its raining occassionally; esp.
> yesterday on our serch for new hostel. it is actually pretty chilly
> which is going to be hard getting used to considering how warm it has
> been the past couple of weeks; but not as bad as back home! man even
> the little grammar symbols are in weird places! the parisians have
> been quite nice so far, and no pickpockets; which is good. liilianne
> was being quite the brat this ,orning not wanting to lug her bags
> everywhere, but daddy trained his little girl well and unfortunately
> she ended up carrying ,ost of everything: which reminds me, mom, set
> me up an appointment with the accupuncturist for me upon my return
> home! the people have been nice in getting us oriented and set
> straight, and amazingly despite not having french for the past two
> and a half years i am getting along quite well!
> we go see the eiffel tower today, along with the musee dela mode et
> du costume, and la rue chaillot!!! whee!!! tomorrow we go to
> versailles and whatever else we want to. our hostel is two blocks
> fro, the louvre; four fro, le centre pompidou; and about è or _ fro,
> notre dame so well see those on monday. i am ready to end this
> adventure though that is for sure. europe has been quite lovely but
> i am homesick, i will admit, mostmy for tex mex and all my loved
> ones. i could care less about the language barrier or teh fact that
> water is not always free or ice cold (like a certain travzling
> companion) but hey, i dont mind a lot to begin with. i am dreading
> flying back home because its easier to leave home than come back in
> and also getting all our luggage to the airport will not be fun.
> lilli did not plan well and brought at 16 outfits, plmus blowdryer,
> curling iron; too much makeup and full size toiletries. i ciould
> kill her except i already gave her a piece of my min,d this morning
> when she whined about the stairs. i spent last night helping her
> repack so all the heavy things would go into her rolling suitcase
> (which is way easier to navigate than her duffel bag). i wish she
> would just sen dit home or stop bitching so that i can enjoy my stay
> without the whining. we thought about taking a taxi to the airport
> on our last night but its al,ost 90 € to get there by taxi, so by
> tram it is again. i plan on staying up all night at the airport so i
> can sleep on the plane and not listen to her! ; )
> anyhoo; things are much better now that we have moved and kelly has
> found an internet cafe. c'est bien! i am going to go now, but i
> will be home tuesday night at 4.40 pm.L thank god. i miss you all
> as usual and keep you in my thoughts and prayers always.

And there you have it. So...what were YOU doing 7 years ago?

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