Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Our friend Anthony celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday!

As in past years, we gathered for an impromptu get together and had ourselves quite the man feast of ribs, hot wings, more ribs, beer and cake. There was corn on the cob somewhere amongst the spread, but given the amount of testosterone at the shindig, I think it went largely unnoticed. Men don't need veggies, grrr! My Dr. Pepper ribs came out ah-MAZE-ing, if I do say so myself. Those will definitely be made again and you can snag the recipe here!

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Not even a hint of green anywhere on this table!

I whipped up a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for Anthony even though he said he didn't want a cake. I think he was very glad to have it anyway! Kellie and I had a little too much fun, um...decorating it.

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Here's Anthony, being a very good sport with his princess themed cake:

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The kids ran around in the backyard and had a grand time. The rain from the past couple of days actually made it bearable to be outside for once, which was a relief given the triple digit heat wave we've had for the past 3 months (I am NOT making that up BTW. In fact, we've broken the record now with a total of 67 days of temps above 100F). The neighbor's son just got his Halloween costume and insisted on wearing it. Too cute!

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Don't even ask me what's happening here because I couldn't tell you...but it doesn't look like it bodes well for Superman!

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Madeleine demonstrates her own Superman pose. Love the tats!

All in all, I'd say everyone had a great time. Happy 29th Anthony!

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