Monday, August 24, 2009

18 Month Wellcheck and PTO

What a day! Today was the first day of school for Austin, it was Billa's 18 month old wellcheck and Mama's day off. One of Michael's coworkers asked to trade days off with him at the last minute, so both of us enjoyed a lovely day of PTO together sans the baby most of the day.

We took Billa to daycare and then Michael and I headed home to have a nice leisurely breakfast of eggs, toast, and coffee. Seeing as how we're avid bibliophiles, we snagged the opportunity to read and just laze about. Then we took Sybilla to her well check and took her back to school, whereupon we then ate lunch, read some more, and then took a two hour nap before picking Sybilla back up from daycare. It was a lovely day off!

Sybilla's well check stats were:
Head: 48 cm - 75th to 90th percentile (big head!)
Height: 33 in - 75th to 90th percentile (she's now 2'9"!)
Weight: 32 lbs - 97th percentile+

And actually, when you look at her growth chart, her weight is actually WAY above the curve, but while that might seem overweight, if you saw how much Billa moves you wouldn't be worried. Which Dr. Patil isn't, thankfully. In fact, Billa showed off all of her tricks, like "jumping", her touchdown arms (football season here we come!) and she also showed what a skilled and clever climber she was, which really impressed the doc. She also showed off some great vocabulary skills and identified some bubbles in a picture and "read" a book, which she then told us "all done" when she closed the cover. Here are some pictures of her at the doctor's office:

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Billa's favorite thing to do at the doctor's office: look out the window from the exam room!

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Oooh...what's this? Something good to chew on?

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Oh wait, you have to do what with it?!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Dr. Patil sure knows how to make us laugh!

One thing is for sure, we are extremely grateful for a healthy and happy baby! We got two shots today, one of them being the flu vaccine. We were told to check back on the pedi office website around October/November, since the current flu vaccine does NOT include the swine flu vaccine. That one isn't available yet and Dr. Patil told us she wasn't even sure if it was going to be formulated yet for kids that young. So if we don't end up getting the swine flu vaccine or have a sick visit, it'll be six more months before we see Dr. Patil again! [sniffle] It reminds us of how much she's grown.

Anyway, it's time for dinner; tune in later this week for Recipe thuRsday and some more Billa videos. We got some good ones of her in a bubble bath the other night :o)


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