Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, Billa Babble, and More

Since we had a pretty busy weekend, I didn't make it to the grocery store until 10 pm last night and I only got enough things to last us for a day or two since I was so tired. I wouldn't have gone at all except there was no coffee, no coffee filters, no coffee creamer, and god forbid, no milk in the house to be had. Our little munchkin is quite the dairy fiend and having no milk would have been bad news bears indeed. I remembered last minute to grab some more cheese sticks and when I got home, I just threw the cold stuff in the fridge without thinking about it.

This morning Billa was with her daddy getting some milk when she saw the package of cheese sticks. I am not joking when I tell you that she loves these things, because as Michael tells it, "she went apesh*t when she saw them in the fridge!" She started jumping up and down and making her excited little monkey sounds, so Michael decided to give her a cheese stick for breakfast. Hey, at least it's not a donut! So she ate cheese stick to tide her over until she got to school and had second breakfast with her friends.

I'll share with you a random moment of Billa Babble: Sybilla decided that she wanted Daddy to read her a book before she and I left this morning, so while I was making my lunch, she and Michael were sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor reading from one of her books about colors. Just before we left, she opened the book and pointed to a picture on the page and shouted "Donkey!" I find this funny for two reasons: 1) she really was pointing to a donkey and 2) we watched Shrek and Shrek 2 at my parents house yesterday. I guess she watched more of the movie than I initially thought!

Anyhoo, she greatly enjoyed visiting her Mamo and Papa, who love to do all the things Mama and Daddy won't let her do, like: let her pig out on waffles and everything else, climb stairs, push buttons, play with power tools and get dirty in the garden. She was so excited by all of this mayhem that she didn't take a nap until almost 3 o'clock! I did manage to sew the curtains for her room and my mom finished the cute little footstool to match.

In other news, Mama and Daddy reclaimed a headboard that someone in our complex had thrown out. I've been admiring this headboard on a resident's balcony for the longest time and when I drove into the complex yesterday evening, I saw it and the matching footboard sitting next to the dumpster. I immediately dialed Michael, who measured our bed and then rushed out to meet me to measure the headboard while I stood guard over it. Perfect match and we carried it home, wiped it down, and Lysol'd it to make sure it was nice and clean. And it looks so gosh darn pretty.

But the best news yet? We FINALLY got our washer and dryer...YAY!!!! Now all we have to do is get a dryer vent and hook it all up. No more climbing up and down the stairs with the laundry, no more trips to people's homes once a week to do our laundry, no more digging through dirty laundry trying to decide what smells the least offensive when we haven't made it to do laundry yet. Huzzah! Now I'll drink to that...

Cheerio, mates!
Kelly & the Gang

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