Saturday, August 1, 2009

I got smacked...

Well, I did not come out victorious at the Cupcake Smackdown. I'm pretty bummed considering I really worked hard at perfecting my recipes and I was totally excited about the grand prize, which was an opportunity to have your recipe printed in a cookbook that benefited the Texas Food & Wine Foundation. I think what bums me out the most was that I think this would have been a great networking moment for me, but I wasn't able to take advantage of it because Michael was working and I had Sybilla with me and we missed most of it by staying at home until the end. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter, but there's a reason employers make you leave your kids at home if you know what I mean.

My Choco-Cherry-Chili Cupcakes...pretty as can be with a cherry on top!

The contest was held at One 2 One bar down on Brazos and 5th and it was a very nice place, which happens to have a rooftop patio that is dog-friendly as was evidenced by all of the dogs there. Downstairs they had a bar shelf filled with all of the entrants for the contest, but I noticed that only one of my entries, my Coconut Lime cupcake, was actually on display. Both Michael and I looked at the lineup several times and we didn't see my Choco-Cherry-Chili cupcakes, so who knows, maybe I got an honorable mention and they just didn't tell me. It was a bit disorganized when we got there since people were leaving after the announcements so i only know that I did not win in the overall categories I entered.

For the birds: Coconut Lime cupcakes with birds made from fondant

All in all, I may not have been a winner, but I have two more recipes for my repertoire and I can't wait to enter another contest again! If anything, it's nice to be able to gift the fruits of my labors onto my friends and family and that's really why I do all of this: because it's my passion and I love to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of those I bake for.

And just because it IS a family blog, here is the little munchkin, doing her favorite thing: eating. Her new favorite snack is string cheese...she knows exactly where they are in the fridge too and always want me to open one for her. Bye bye Bananas, Helloooo Dairy!

What?! You didn't win, Mama? [snarf] It's ok. They have [snarf] no idea what they're [snarf] missing out on!

Until next time,

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