Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Working out, Cupcake Smackdown and Sick Billa

Howdy all!

Since my post, I have started working out with Kellie in the evenings. After two straight days of really busting our butts, we realized it might be wise to take one day off every now and then. Basically, our texting went like this:

Me: It hurts to sit. I think I broke my butt!
Kellie: Maybe we should take a break.
Me: Well if we do, we have to commit to Thursday and Friday. How r u doing?
Kellie: Can't walk.
Me: LOL. Then break it is!

Monday we walked around the neighborhood for a little over a mile and then did a whole bunch of random exercises in the front yard. When we did the stairjumps, I was silently cursing myself for not having been more rigorous with my Kegels. Wetting one pant's in the middle of a workout is not something you want to experience!

Tuesday we swam in the pool here at our complex. They actually have lap lanes and at 8 pm, there's no one out there to have to share it with. I swam five laps (that's end to end twice) and then we did a bunch of water aerobics.

We've now decided that we will work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday alternating between running/weights and swimming/water aerobics while the weather is warm. I'll keep you posted how that's going!

In other news, some of you may have heard me mention the Cupcake Smackdown I entered. It's a little food/baking extravaganza taking place next weekend and I decided to enter some of my recipes into two of the categories for the amateur baking contest. I will be entering my coconut lime cake as cupcakes for the "freestyle" contest and I am developing a new recipe for the chocolate category: cherry chili chocolate cupcakes. So far I got the chocolate and chili, I'm just waiting for the cherry to start coming out. I might have to rethink my recipe a bit. Basically, I'm going for a cake recreation of one of my favorite chocolate bars, the Lindt Chocolate Cherry Chili bar. Mm, mm, good! I'll keep you posted as to what happens that day...keep your fingers crossed on August 1!

Anyhoo, it's time I popped a couple of Advil and hied myself off to bed before tomorrow arrives. I didn't get too much sleep since Billa woke up at 4:30 not feeling well. By lunchtime she had a 102.3 fever and Michael picked her up. She'll be at home with Daddy to make sure she won't get anyone else sick but she seemed to be doing much better this evening.

Nighty night amigos!

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