Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman... Gumerry the Gray has left the building...

Tonight is a bit melancholy for me. My first baby, my bunny cat, my Gummery the Gray, Conqueror of all that is Paper, Q-Tip, and Hair Tie has left us for greener pastures. Literally, actually, if my coworker's comments about the watering schedule in College Station have me believe. But it's for the better. And before you start consoling me on the passing of my kitty cat, please note that he has not died, but rather gone to live with my younger brother, Philip.

The Conqueror himself

Gumerry is named for a grizzled, gray grandfather character in a series of books (which was made into a rather unfortunate movie) called the Dark is Rising. Being that he's a genuine farm cat, we aren't quite entirely sure of the exact day of his birth, but he came into the world during a very dark time for all Americans, September 11, 2001. Michael and I started dating on October 17, 2001 and it was not long after that Gumerry came to live with me (albeit illegally) in my apartment for good. So having Gumerry leave us is a very jarring thing, given that he has been a constant in our relationship for the last seven and a half years.

As the last of our great farm cats, Gumerry was a solid 23# at his peak and the vet actually told us that given his build, that was OK. Gumerry is the linebacker of kitty cats. My brother was always jealous that I got the gray one and admired him from afar. He'd recently given away his previous cat (Aprilia had some SERIOUS issues) and was hankering for another. So I told him, should we ever decide to give up Gumerry, Philip was first on the list.

Even though Gumerry has been part of our family from the beginning, we just haven't had the time and patience for him like we thought we would. I feel guilty about this fact, but when you have a toddler who demands all of your attention, it can be very hard to lavish what little energy you have left on your fur children. I guess the upshot is that sweet gray fuzzball will finally get the attention he deserves, my allergies won't be as bad, we won't have to spend the $25 a month on cat supplies, and I don't have to worry about unsuspecting puddles of water in the pantry anymore (Gumerry is notorious for playing in his water bowl and making the biggest mess known to mankind). And I can actually stretch my legs out full in bed now too. [sigh] Those still don't negate the fact that I am willingly letting go of one of my dearest companions.

I shall miss you little prince... but I know that you are in a better home now. So goodnight, sweet prince; may flights of angels sing thee to thy new home!

Oh, and Philip? Since I know you will read this... you better take care of my cat or the full brunt of my wrath will destroy you...


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