Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Billa Babble: Pen & Paper, Breakfast, Hang On, I love you, No Ma'am and more

Howdy everyone! Here is our latest installment of Billa Babble for your enjoyment!

PEN & PAPER: Billa has been learning how to draw which lately consists of tapping her writing instrument up and down on the paper making teeny tiny little dots. Occasionally she'll get distracted by something else and a line will appear. This past Saturday she was standing on one of the dining room chairs and gesturing with her fingers towards the computer desk. Here is how our conversation went:

"You want the chip clip?"
"Na ma!"
"Ok...[picking up magazine] you want Johnny Depp? Mama would like Johnny Depp..."
"Na ma!"
"I don't know what you want honey."
"Mamamama!" [she is gesturing wildly now]
"Um, how about this piece of paper?"
"You want pen and paper?"
"Peh enh pay-puh, plee!"

My child using a complete sentence AND please?! Well, she can have all the pens and paper in the world she wants at that rate! So little miss sat down at the table and drew a pretty little picture of dots with a couple of lines, which I gave to my folks later when they visited that afternoon.

Experimenting with our right hand...

And now our left!

But that's not all! We've also learned:

BREAKFAST: this morning I asked Billa if she was ready for breakfast and she repeated the word for me and ran off to the kitchen. Kid knows what she wants!

HANG ON: Since BK was being really fussy the other afternoon, Michael tried to get her to lie down with him for a nap. He got her as far as our room and we were both coaxing her to go lay down when suddenly she yelled "Hay on!" and ran to her bedroom, whereupon she returned with her blankie AND her monkey George (she doesn't go anywhere in the house without them close by these days). She never did take that nap though...she opted for quiet time toons while Daddy chose nap. Mommy got computer time.

I LOVE YOU: our favorite by far... when she chooses to use it. It sounds like "lah-loo!"

NO MA'AM: Unfortunately we hear this a lot. It's usually shouted, screeched, or screamed and sounds like "na, ma!"

Our speech is getting better, but we have experienced some backsliding in some of our words like bath, ball, and milk. Apparently there's no point in saying those since gestures work quite well. And every once in awhile she surprises us with something out of the blue, like the name of her daycare provider: Mary Ann. She said it last night when we were explaining what type of 'school' Billa attends when her friend Madeleine asked. Billa blurted out "Meh-yee-anh?" She repeated it a couple of times, but she won't say it now. [sigh] Really, we have no idea where she gets this willfulness [cue innocent whistle].

Anyhoo, it's dinner time, so we bid you adieu...or as Billa says it with her little Texan accent: Bye!

Kelly & the Gang

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