Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a Weekend! And Week...

These last few days have been action packed and exciting to say the least. Here's a recap:

SATURDAY: My brother came into town to help Michael get our washer and dryer from the lakehouse. They made a day of it and went "frolfing" (frisbee golfing), kayaked across the lake, drove Papa Carl's cool truck, and stopped at a old car show on the way home. (On a sad side note: the washer and dryer they picked up turned out to be the wrong ones. [sigh] I am forced to do my laundry at a family/friend's house again! Argh!)

Mommy and Billa helped Aunt Kellie clean her "pit" and then went to lunch at Maudie's, where we received a phone call from my grandmother to invite us to her house to hang out with the family. Remember a few months back the Saga of Mia? Well, I am happy to report that Mia is officially part of the family as of last Wednesday! The adoption was finalized and Erin and her family can move on happily. My cousin's family, her parents (my dad's sister and her husband), my grandmother, my cousin Jeff and his wife Abby and their twins Garrett and Wyatt, and Jeff's parents were all there. Talk about a full house! Lots of babies and children everywhere. It was a lot of fun, but alas, I have to wait for pictures on this one since Michael and Philip had the camera.

The Marino and Guerra Families (With Philip)

Kellie & Kelly being silly!

SUNDAY: We had originally planned on going strawberry picking but because Michael's aunt and uncle and cousins from California were coming in that evening, we couldn't go too far out of town. Instead we went to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Preserve with the Marino family. Anthony doesn't normally have weekends off so it was a real treat to have him with us for once! The kids had a blast running all over the preserve, looking at the flowers, and hiking the trails. We got to take some beautiful bluebonnet pictures (thanks Anthony!) and then went home to make hot wings and milk shakes. Yum! After the Marino's left, Michael and I went to his dad's house and visited with his Aunt Kelly, Uncle David and all his cousins, who are here in town for the wedding next weekend. The only bummer was that we had to leave early due to Billa being overly fussy.

Kelly & Philip...hard to believe that he's my little brother!

MONDAY: Unfortunately, the fun ended Sunday evening. Billa was coughing so much through the night that none of us really got to sleep until about 1 am. When I went in to nurse her at 6:15, she was wheezing pretty fierce. Michael and I decided she needed to go to the doctor. I took her to the doctor around 10 am and by that point her wheezing was even worse. Being an asthmatic myself, I was very worried about her. The doctor administered a breathing treatment in the office with a nebulizer ad albuterol, which is the same drug in my inhaler. Her breathing improved considerably, and we were sent home with a nebulizer of our very own and prescription for some more albuterol.

The doctor didn't diagnose her issue as asthma, but said it was probably made worse by allergies. One of the pitfalls of spring in Central Texas! Of course all of this is compounded by the fact that Little Bit is teething again. We have two new teeth on the bottom for a total of eight - four on top and four on bottom. I'll try to get a picture if Billa will let me :o) Poor kid was so exhausted from the weekend, her poor sleeping, and the allergies that she slept in my arms in Target while we waited for her meds. She NEVER does that, so I knew she wasn't feeling well at all.

Today we are at home taking it easy and administering her breathing treatments every four to six hours as prescribed. Billa is getting lots of 'toon time and Mommy is getting some belated housecleaning and organizing done while also trying to accomplish some work! We'll keep you posted as to how her followup appointment goes and more pictures later!
Family photo: Philip, Kelly, Michael & Sybilla

Until next time!
Kelly & the Gang

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