Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jazz Hands and Big Smiles: Audition Recap

UPDATE: Several of you have asked if I made the cut. Seeing as how I didn't get called back, that would be a negative ghostwriter. Oh well, I ain't gonna sweat it, because now it means I can start planning a possible trip to Denman Island this summer to visit my cousin Katy, whom I have not seen in 3 years. No rain, no rainbows! Peace, K

Today was audition day! My audition went ok. Singing wise I was fine, could have been better. Dancing wise... well, let's just say it might be a wise idea to take some dance classes in the near future! I DID have a blast auditioning and chatting with some of the other auditionees. And yes, I did see several people that I have performed with or knew, so it was nice saying hello.

I ended up singing Simple Little Things from 110 in the Shade which was ultimately a good choice. I didn't screw up the timing for once which is really funny; that's always been my weak point. Instead, I didn't quite hit the top note which wasn't too terribly high, but still. I'm kinda bummed that they only wanted 16 bars for the audition; had I been able to do 32, I could have really wowed them.

Kellie and I did an audition years ago for another show that was very dance centric and it was awful. But we smiled our biggest smiles and flashed our best jazz hands in the hope that the directors would be so distracted they wouldn't see our feet. This audition was not nearly so badm but it was close! For the dancing audition they basically had the choreographers show us a short sequence and then had all of us perform as a group, then as smaller groups. I fortunately ended up in a group of fellow weak dancers so I didn't look like a total ass. Dance auditions always kill me because I am not the most skilled dancer around. I've taken dance before, many years ago, but even then I wasn't always a quick study. My brain and my feet don't seem to move together in sychronization when things are taught on the fly!

They told us that we'd get a call on Monday night letting us know one way or another, and I am fully prepared for the "Thanks, but no thanks" call. Truthfully, I will be shocked if they call me back for further auditions or even cast me. Regardless of the outcome, my main goal was to have fun, and I did just that. I've rediscovered my love for singing and dancing and even if I don't get cast in this show, there's always others! My employer reimburses us up to $150 for anything that encourages physical fitness and wellbeing, and one of the HR reps told me that dance classes would count, so I think I may do just that. I'll kill two birds with one stone by improving my dancing, but also getting a good workout all the while having a blast.

I'll keep you all posted as to what the results cross your fingers. Maybe you WILL get to see me treading the boards at Zilker this summer!


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