Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Taco Lady of Cielo Building One

Every Monday and Thursday at my office, we are gifted with the presence of the Taco Lady. She waits patiently in our company kitchen with her red Igloo cooler full of still warm breakfast tacos, ready to bestow tasty taco goodness upon the masses here at KO. Today I was one of the masses as I paid my dollar fifty and spooned a heaping helping of green tomatillo salsa on my bacon-egg-cheese-potato taco. I am not having a good day today and my breafast taco definitely gave me a little boost of happiness. I know that food should not be an emotional crutch, but dammit, these are good!

So why the big deal? The breakfast taco is one of the best culinary inventions known to man. It combines breakfast and tacos, all wrapped up in a tortilla which contains any combination of eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, chorizo, beans, and salsa. Breakfast tacos are steadily gaining popularity in other states, but you will find the best ones in the states bordering Mexico. Some folks like to get really creative with their tacos and add all sorts of things, but the perfect breakfast taco in my honest opinion contains just eggs, cheese, bacon, and taters. You cover all of your food groups with this one, LOL.

Our Taco Lady is like a saint; her tortillas and green tomatillo salsa are made from scratch and her eggs, bacon and taters are cooked to perfection. The salsa is the best part as it's hot enough for a good slow burn; not too weak and not so strong that you have to drink a gallon of milk to stop the pain. I don't want to know how many calories or fat grams there are in the tacos...I don't care! I very rarely get to indulge in one of Taco Lady's tacos since I never carry cash on the days when she visits, so I don't worry about the health content of them. Life is too short to not indulge in perfect Tex Mex breakfast tacos.

Some people might argue that there are several perfectly good restuarants in which to purchase breakfast tacos, but there is something about a Taco Lady (or Man) that just makes it so much better. Whether it be the chef, the love, or the fact that they're homecooked and sold from a red Igloo cooler, Taco Lady tacos are the best and I shall scrupulously save my pennies and dimes and quarters for the next time when I have a whole doolar fifty and can partake in all of the holy glory of breakfast tacos.

Nom nom nom,

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