Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All Clear (relatively speaking...)

Our follow up at Dr. Patil's office today went well. Billa's lungs sounded considerably better and she recommended that we keep up with the breathing treatments until Saturday. I dropped her off at daycare after the appointment and picked her up four hours later so we could administer another one. She did pretty good with that one; she actually stayed still for most of it. The treatment actually helped Mommy too since I've been experiencing some chest tightness thanks to difficulty in breathing. I love springtime in Texas, but I HATE HATE HATE the oak pollen! I know everyone else around here does too. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't hate the treatment so much as being held down to do it. The pictures show her playing with the mask after her treatment this afternoon. Silly girl!

Shaking the mask. You can see her awesome silver shoes too! These are the same shoes that we are constantly complimented on...they were in the bargain bin at Target for $5!

They put little eyes on them to make them more appealing to kids I guess. Too bad it doesn't make hogtying a toddler in one place and have them breath out of it appealing.

This picture is more like the experience we have when we administer her breathing treatments. Thankfully we only have to keep it up until Saturday!

Until later!
Kelly & the Gang

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