Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Need a weekend from the weekend!

Well, I was going to post pictures of Billa's first egg hunt, egg-cept (tee hee!) Mommy and Daddy forgot their camera when they raced off to Mass at 8 am on Sunday morning. It's really not that early I know, but I was up late finishing the wedding cake. So I don't have pictures of Easter, but my mom does. And Lord only knows when I'll get THOSE... no pressure Mom & Dad, but can I please have pictures now?!

Billa didn't have daycare on Friday so I took the day off (needed to bake anyway!) and we went an visited Aunt Debi that morning at Starbuck's. We can't wait for another coffee date! We visited for a couple of hours and Debi is trying to convince me to go get my master's. I just ain't ready for that kind of commitment right now. I have enough student loan debt as it is...We came home and Michael entertained Little Bit while I baked coconut lime cake for the wedding and made marshmallow fondant.

Saturday I made swiss buttercream icing and more fondant, iced and covered the cakes and then started on the designs. I got most of it finished by the time Michael's mom came over to babysit Sybilla. It was really her only time to see munchkin over Easter and it gave her some fun time while Michael and I took our time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, which was uber fun. Mike and Trisa had the party (there really wasn't a rehearsal) on a boat on Ladybird Lake and we got to see the bats and eat Ruby's BBQ. After that we came home, watched the Untouchables and finished the cake, and then went to bed at almost 2. I woke up not long after and threw up, thanks to too much wine, too little water, too much sugar, and not enough sleep. Go figure!

Ta-da! The Talavera inspired wedding cake...yes, I made this with my own two hands! The bride adores Talavera pottery and given that the wedding was at Fonda San Miguel, it was a perfect match.

On a funny side note, I had a pretty crazy dream that my brother had come over to watch the baby while we were at the party and somehow accidentally ruined the cakes. In order to make up for it, he tried to re-bake them and ice them, but he did it all wrong and by the time we got home, there was no time to fix any of it. Talk about meltdown in a dream. I woke up and was in tears until I realized it was just a dream. Phew!

Mass was nice, but the homily was so textbook that I think everyone seated around us was grateful for the entertainment Billa provided. She did pretty well with Mass and I ran into an old coworker from KW there! We went to my folks' house for breakfast and an egg hunt and Billa had a great time. She really got the hang of egg hunting and would say 'egg' every time she found one, which she also got pretty good at. Afterwards, her favorite thing was to pull all of the eggs out of the basket and put them back in, then repeat ten more times. Now if she could just do that with her toys...

Easter evening was the wedding and what a lovely wedding it was! The food was fantastic, the company wonderful, and the ceremony was definitely memorable, if not embarrassing for Michael and I! Billa decided after 5 minutes she was done and refused to sit still. She was running up the aisle and grabbing her Zeti & Tata's legs and chasing after Daddy when he went to go sing and read. Everyone said it wasn't a big deal, but it really bugged me... it's a wedding for crissakes! My cake got rave reviews and looked beautiful to boot. I definitely learned a lot from this experience which was good and I also had several of Trisa's friends tell me they'd be calling! Yay!

Billa and her cousin Jake who adores Billa. This is the same child who told me "Happy Marry Day!" at our wedding. Jakey has always had a special place in my heart!

Needless to say, it was an exhausting weekend and I definitely need a weekend from our weekend!

I know, I know, it's a terrible picture, but until we get to see the photographer's photos, this is all I got! There wasn't anything else with me in it and very few with Billa looking happy. She got totally overwhelmed by all of her adoring fans that she spent the first part of the evening attached at the hip and in tears. [sigh]

Until then,
Kelly & the Gang

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