Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day 2011!

We woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning...SNOW!  For those of you not from around here, this is a BIG deal.  We never get snow, so when we do, it's cause to celebrate and shut down the town!  As I write this, the sun has been out for an hour or so and the snow is beginning to melt, but we still had enough on the ground to play in it and build a small snowman.  Well, he's more like a snowdrop, since there was only an inch on the ground and it took us a little effort to scoop enough powder to create him.  This is technically the second snow of Billa's life, but the first for her to actually play in because it didn't stick last year.

The view outside our living room window this morning.

Rabbit tracks...they were everywhere!

Billa is delighted to play outside in the white stuff!

Our snowman!

Mommy and Billa...I think Mommy is waaaaaay more excited than Billa!

"Mama, is cold!"

We didn't stay out for too long since it was cold and my fingers were starting to lose feeling.  The wind has also started to whip up and was smacking us in the face with snow from the roof, so it was the perfect time to come in and have a second breakfast :o)  Michael isn't feeling well, so he watched from the window and when Billa told him all about our snow adventures, she finished up with "And it was really cold!"

Stay warm everyone and happy snow day!

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