Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 100+ Reading Challenge: January

Here is the summary of books I've read in the month of January for the 2011 100+ Reading Challenge from Overstuffed Bookshelf!  I've tried to give some info about the book, especially about genre, etc.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  All of these books are available on Amazon or elsewhere.

1-6. Fruits Basket vols. 18-23 by Natsuki Takaya - shojo manga series, this counts as six entries since it's six different books!  Great series featuring a supernatural element, teenage romance, etc.

7. Bloodroot by Amy Greene - contemporary fiction, bestseller, about families and their dynamics, has a little bit of supernatural elements in it, features the Appalachian region of the US.  I give this one 5 stars!

8. Onegai, Teacher vol. 1 by Yosuke Kuroda - shojo manga series about a teenage boy who finds himself in strange circumstances when he discovers that his new teacher is an alien!  A bit silly, but fun nonetheless.  I have yet to read anymore of the series, but I really enjoyed the first volume.

9-12. Protector of the Small series, by Tamora Pierce - young adult series with fantasy elements.  Tamora Pierce is my all time favorite author, and I'd started this series years ago but never finished.  Great story about a young woman who wants to become a knight and the struggles she endures on that road.  This series builds on a previous one, the Song of the Lioness series, but you don't need to read those to enjoy this one!  Perfect for the tween in your life.

So that's my January recap!  I'm already onto some other things and will be sure to share those at the end of February!

Happy reading,

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