Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SOUND OFF: Weight Loss or How stupid do I look?

While perusing Perez Hilton last night, I came across this gem of a tabloid cover.  I generally don't read tabloids, except maybe while in line at the grocery store and that's usually just the cover.  Had I seen this cover, I might have been escorted out by security for the fit I would have thrown at the checkout:

Do you see what's making me so angry?  Yeah, it's the caption that reads "How I lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks!"  You wanna know how the former Playboy model lost all that weight?  I'll tell you how.  SHE HAD A FRIGGIN' BABY!!!!  As my friend Kellie always jokes, the fastest way to lose 20 pounds is to have a baby.  Ay, ay, ay!

Seriously, it's crap like this that just irritates the piss out of me.  Ladies, please don't let this sorry excuse of a "magazine" fool you into thinking that you can lose that much weight in that short of time by following Kendra's diet and fitness secrets.  I'm sure she did work hard and eat well to some extent, but anyone who is not post-partum won't be losing that kind of weight in that short amount of time through diet and exercise alone.  Plus, it's not healthy to lose so much so fast.

I need to go calm down before my blood pressure shoots through the roof on this one, but I just had to share the outrage.  Grrr!

Huffingly yours,

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