Sunday, February 7, 2010

No cake in sight...

I've been enjoying a cake free week and it has been nice.  It's not that I don't love cake; I do, otherwise I wouldn't keep up this expensive hobby and continually hone my skills.  But like all jobs, hobbies, and passions, sometimes you need a break from it in order to come back to it fresh and feeling good.  What can I say?  Vacations were the best thing ever invented! 

Truthfully though, I did do SOME things cake related...I stocked up on some supplies for upcoming cakes, drew out some sketches, set some timetables in place and signed up for the big cake show here in town at the end of this month.  And I've thought about cake.  But I did not make any and that in and of itself was a relief!

So what else did I do besides the other things mentioned above?  Well, Billa and I did some shopping on Saturday and went to a birthday party for one of her school chums.  We had a great time eating hot dogs, hitting the pinata and running around the backyard playing.  It was such a nice day and the kids were having so much fun, that the mom and dad throwing the party decided to scrap the secondary post party plans which was to go a little place down here called Locomotion.  We all decided that if the kids were having fun playing OUTside, why take them back INside to play somewhere else? Exactly!

Today we went to my mom and dad's for waffles and Billa had a blast playing with her grandparents.  I loved it when Billa went upstairs and discovered my dad's server.  They were 'beeping' back and forth with each other and you have to admit, it's really freaking adorable when a grown 56 year old man makes a beep noise with a two year old.

This afternoon we all took a lazy day nap and went to a non-Super Bowl Super Bowl party.  We're huge fans of college football, but pro ball doesn't really excite us that much.  We'll watch it if it's on, but we won't go out of our way and we don't really have a favorite team.  But you mention the words 'college ball' and you can't keep us quiet!  We made hot wings and french fries with the Marino's and then we sent the kids to the playroom while we watched the movie Funny People, which was funny, but really really really long and slow to develop.

Now we are relaxing as Billa nods off and another week is at our door.

Until next time!
Kelly et al

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