Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If you're going to do something...

Here in Texas, we do things big.  We have big hair, big hats, and even big boots.

(Yes, I am well aware that Dolly is actually from Tennessee...I am trying to give a visual here, people.  Put on your big kid panties and deal with it!)

We like things big.  We are a big state.  We have big hearts, and some of us have big wallets, thanks to finding Texas Tea.  And when it comes to weather, we like to do that big too.

Take this week for example.  This was Sunday:


This is today:


My point exactly.

And meanwhile, I am doing a happy dance because I FINALLY got the snow I wanted.  [happy sigh]

Blissfully yours,

PS.  Unfortunately, the majority of the snow melted by the time I picked up Sybilla from daycare so there were no snow pictures with her in them.  But our daycare provider did tell me that the kids were all lined up at the windows for most of the day watching it come down and babbling about it excitedly.  She even made it a point to call me and tell me so, and I could hear them all in the background.  Too cute!  Someday, Billa my love, we will get pictures of you in real snow!

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