Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nine Days and Counting...Milestones!

Billa's first birthday is rapidly approaching and with it have come some milestones for her:

Milestone #1: Exhibitionism - Yesterday our daycare lady walked in to pick her up from nap and found Sybilla topless! She'd managed to pull her shirt off all by herself. Lucky us...

Milestone #2: Hilltopper - Like the mascot of mommy and daddy's alma mater (yay St. Edward's!), Billa has managed to climb, stairs anyway. I let her down at the base of the stairs of our apartment complex and after taking my hand, she lifted her leg and stepped up to the next step, just like grownups! She did it for several steps too, although her short little legs kept tripping her up. We're sticking with crawling up the stairs for now.

Milestone #3: Sleight of Hand - she's really good at this one. Now you see it, now you don't. Particularly evidenced by the small silvery object sailing down three stories to magically appear in front of a tree. This forced Mommy to go down three flights of stairs to retrieve our shoe, which she swore up and down was on Billa's foot and not in her hand. We still have not found the match to her other pair of shoes...abracadabra isn't working on that one!

Milestone #4: Defiance - she's a redhead, enough said. [sigh]

Milestone #5: Tech Support - Billa has become quite efficient at pushing buttons on the DVR, the amp, the Xbox, and the dishwasher. She has managed to disrupt many an episode of CSI and she's oh so helpful at starting the dishwasher at the most inopportune times. And just like Tech Support, you don't understand a word of what she's telling you (oh yes, I went there!).

Milestone #6: Laundry Sorter - Billa is very good at helping us sort laundry. She separates the laundry and creates piles for us...all over the house. Of particular interest are undergarments and pajamas. She even likes to help fold laundry too. On the way home from doing the laundry this past weekend, she decided to get started while still in the car; she pulled out a pair of Mommy's undies and looped it over one arm and was stretching it back it forth with the other. I've never pulled off the road faster!

Yes, our little girl is quite smart. Lord only knows what she'll get into next, so stay tuned!

Love to you all,
Kelly & the Gang

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